In his eighth year, Head Swimming Coach Ed Koenigsfest is starting off the 2018-19 swimming season strong with two victories in their first two scrimmages against Rutherford and Wayne Valley. With a past record of 8-2 in both the boys and girls team, the Montclair Mounties made it to Essex County’s SEC Championship. After three straight years in the sectional tournaments, the boys’ swimming is poised to bring the trophy to Montclair High this season. Preparing for this goal, they have been crushing practice. As hard as it may be with practice starting very early, Koenigsfest knows he can’t snooze his alarm because he has a dedicated team waiting for him. In the water by 5am for two hours, the team focuses on basics, techniques, strokes, endurance training, speed work, and turns. The Mounties’ sportsmanship, unity, and willingness to work together to succeed is unmatched. Coach Ed Koenigsfest is “truly lucky to have such a good squad.”


The Mounties’ first away meet takes place on Wednesday, December 5, 2018 against Colombia, the winner of last season’s SEC Championship, at the Boys & Girls Club of Union. Their first home game at Montclair State University takes place on Friday, December 7, 2018 against Caldwell.